Announcing The PyGotham Film Festival

PyGotham is back for 2022 with our next iteration of the PyGotham TV conference format.

What is The PyGotham Film Festival?

PyGotham is a regional Python conference that has been serving the Python community in New York City and beyond since 2011. In 2020 and 2021, the conference became PyGotham TV, an online-only event that encouraged presenters to re-imagine their conference talks as television shows or broadcasts. In keeping with our tradition of being quite different, The PyGotham Film Festival takes that theme a step further.

We hope to make The PyGotham Film Festival the first conference of its kind (that we know of). We’re asking presenters to pitch short films instead of standard tech talks. PyGotham has always asked for talks covering “anything that would be of interest to the Python community”, and this year is no different. So long as your film’s topic is relevant to members of the Python community, it’s up for proposal and consideration. PyGotham typically includes presentations on topics such as web and systems development, machine learning and data science, tech ethics, and community building. These categories of topics (and more) are all still welcome at this year’s festival, and we invite presenters to view them through a different lens than they normally might. See the list below for examples of the kinds of talks we hope to accept:

What are the requirements?

How can the organizers help me with my film?

We’re glad you asked! We want to help everyone make the best film possible. Here are a couple of ways in which we can do that:

I have another question!

Feel free to contact the team at

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